Is There A Supermarket That Wants to Earn My Business & Loyalty? Volume 23: Stock & Talk??

Conway Management's Supermaket Whitepaper I was shopping at one of the big chains late Sunday morning and couldn’t help but notice all of the folks busily stocking shelves.  They were everywhere, it seemed….at least everywhere I wanted to go. 

When I was looking to buy Tide in a bottle, there they were.  They were also stocking in the mayonnaise aisle, and yes, in the dairy department too, as I looked for cheese, along with the milk, butter and eggs.  And yes, they were also there in front of the frozen pizza.  It started to feel like every time I turned around, there they were.  Even though this is a big, bright store with relatively wide aisles, it didn’t take long to feel small and closed in.

Sometimes the folks were right in front of where I needed to pick an item.  Some stockers seemed oblivious to the traffic hazard they were causing.  Twice, after waiting a moment or two, I had to ask the stocker to reach the item I needed, since it was completely blocked in and my waiting was causing more traffic problems!.  Before asking, I said, “Excuse me” and politely asked the stocker to reach the specific item, size and all, and then thanked them. 

Not one of the stockers spoke to me…none of them.  Not even, a “Sure, let me get that for you”.  I know the stockers are there to stock the shelves quickly, but by the end of the shopping trip, I felt that I was inconveniencing the stockers….rather than the other way around.

Have you  had similar experiences? Do you think “stockers” should be given some type of customer service training so they’ll know how to “respond” when asked for help?  I do…