Is There a Supermarket That Wants to Earn My Business & Loyalty? Volume 24: Employee Engagement & Your Customers…

In our January 10th post we raised the question of employee engagement, and how it might translate to a better customer shopping experience.

Continuing with that concept in our January 24th posting, we shared information about Alec’s Shoe Store, a very successful local retail business that has done an exceptional job engaging their workforce – the staff is treated with a high degree of interest and respect. As a result, the staff has adopted a culture of treating customers with high levels of interest, responsiveness and respect – and even more important, it’s a big part of what earns the store high levels of customer loyalty.

Larry Bossidy  once said, ”I’ve never seen a company that was able to satisfy its customers that did not also satisfy its employees.  Your employees will treat your customers no better than you treat your employees.”

How might the dots connect…?  What might be the most effective and sustainable way for a supermarket chain to engage its employees and, in the process, teach them how to engage the store’s customers? 

Any suggestions?