Is There a Supermarket That Wants to Earn My Business & Loyalty? Volume 26: Selling, Marketing & Merchandising

Conway Management's Supermaket Whitepaper

I was in the produce aisle at one of the big supermarkets this weekend and looked at the plentiful produce.  The apples were shiny, the lemons and limes looked inviting, the salads in the bag were all sitting upright, the strawberries and raspberries were nestled in their plastic containers, the fresh herbs were all green and welcoming.  As I was standing there looking around, trying to think about what I might purchase, I wondered, is this it? 

Should or could the store be doing anything (cost effectively) more to sell / market / merchandise more produce?  The same question could be posed for meat, cheese, baked goods, floral, pharmacy, center store…

Webster’s Dictionary defines merchandising as:
sales promotion as a comprehensive function including market research, development of new products, coordination of manufacture and marketing, and effective advertising and selling. 

While the product was available and displayed well, there weren’t any free samples or anyone knowledgeable talking enthusiastically about the products, their source and their freshness, or why a shopper might want to buy them.  There were a couple of people who were stocking the produce, who seemed to be making every effort to avoid eye contact with customers.  I wonder if there might be opportunities for supermarkets to do a better job… to engage their customers and sell more products.  But for store employees to engage their customers, the supermarket must first engage its employees….