Is There a Supermarket That Wants to Earn My Business & Loyalty? Volume 36: Just a Bit Over the Line?

Yesterday I stopped by my local supermarket for just a few items, including some sliced ham from the deli. I asked for a half-pound of the Maple Ham, which is $6.99 per pound.


“Ok if it’s just a bit over?” I was asked.  Without thinking, or looking, I responded as I normally do… “Sure.”


It wasn’t until I was putting the ham into my refrigerator that I took a look. “Just a bit over” seemed innocent at first; .67 pounds versus the requested .5… but as I looked at the price, $4.68 versus $3.50 I realized that “just over” was actual one-third more than I asked for! 


Then I got to thinking… if “just a bit over” can be up to 1/3 more, how much more are shoppers unexpectedly spending and how much extra is the supermarket selling each day! To me, 1/3 more is quite a bit, not “just a bit!”  And, I for one will pay closer attention going forward.  As always, I look forward to your thoughts…