The Holiday Opportunity for Supermarkets

Now that the holiday season has started, supermarkets have a unique opportunity to showcase their value  to showcase the products and services that customers will find especially useful or helpful during this festive yet hectic time of year.

Yes, without doubt, the holidays offer supermarkets the chance to serve existing customers in new ways and to attract new customers customers who do not regularly shop in supermarkets, or those who shop in lots of different stores and use different channels when making food or food-related purchases.

So, I’m wondering… 

What products might supermarkets offer that customers might like and are likely to buy? What types of products might attract new customers? Remember, customers may not even know that they want or need the product until they have seen it, or tasted it! 

What outstanding service will supermarkets offer that will show shoppers that the supermarket is the place for all of their food-related needs?  

What prices are supermarkets going to offer that will demonstrate to customers, the VALUE that supermarkets bring? What prices or specials might supermarkets offer to show that they understand the economic difficulties that shoppers face? 

What are supermarkets going to do to get these customers to make their store the customers’ preferred store?

That is the opportunity for supermarkets this holiday season.   It only comes around once a year…I hope my favorite stores won’t waste the opportunity!