A Supermarket Shopping Experience – What Were They Thinking?

When you are food shopping, are there times when you shake your head and ask
(like Dr. Phil), “What Are They Thinking?”  

I had one of those moments yesterday… 

It was a beautiful summer day and all of the local produce was in full
bloom—tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, squash, you name it.  Even better, 
a lot of it was beautifully displayed in baskets, curb-side on the way into the supermarket (Hannafords), with an employee standing
behind a small counter.  

I took note of
it, but didn’t buy there, figuring I’d select my produce inside when I would have a shopping cart handy.  Once in the
store, I visited the produce area and picked up a few items and did some other
shopping.  After checking out, I walked
by the employee and the produce display outside at the front of the store.  Several people (most of whom had completed
their shopping, like me) were picking out various items… until the employee told
the customers that they would have to pay for the items inside!!  



Every shopper (in
that small sample, granted) who had already been in the store and checked out,
dropped their bag and left.  Their faces
and comments were filled with frustration, incredulity, anger.  If the store is going to pay for an employee
to be outside the store and has spent the time setting up display, couldn’t they have had a scale and a mini cash register out there too?