Supermarkets v. Shoppers: Who Has the Power?

Yesterday’s Boston Globe Magazine featured an article
entitled, “How Grocery Shopping Got Personal.”  

The piece demonstrates that, while supermarket customers may feel
powerless in the face of rising prices or varying levels of customer service, the supermarket customer is truly the one with the power!  

Years ago, most customers shopped at 1, or
maybe two markets.  Now many shoppers
visit 5 or more stores each week to shop for their groceries!  For instance, last week between my husband
and me, we visited Hannaford 3 times (we were disorganized!), Target, the
butcher store, a local farm stand and the corner market.  

With customers on the move more of the time, comfortably picking-up groceries wherever they happen to be as opposed to exhibiting old-fashioned loyalty to one or two stores, supermarkets face an increasingly enormous
challenge of getting shoppers into their stores, never mind capturing as much
business as they can while shoppers are there.    

article also shows the importance of learning more about the customers, getting
close and staying close to them, through the use of technology, frequent shopper
cards, etc.  
As always, looking forward to your comments!