More Accurate Food Shopping Predictions?

Since a number of past posts have focused on emerging food-shopping trends, it is sometimes interesting to take a look in the “rear-view mirror” to see if the predictions were, in fact, accurate.

Here’s a good example… a 2007 article, predicted three “new” food shopping trends were emerging. Here are the three trends… what do you think…, were they right, or not?

Nearly 80% of consumers indicated it was very important to eat dinner with their kids every night,  but many did not do so because they didn’t have the time. Those trends would lead to the proliferation of meal-assembly centers, which would enable people to combine ingredients to make a dinner, then bring it home to cook.

“Since many Americans are starved for time, they are doing more “assembly” cooking — combining a few different ingredients to make a meal, rather than preparing meals from scratch,” said Tom Vierhile, director of Productscan Online, Naples, N.Y., which is owned by Datamonitor.

Healthy Products:
Americans are becoming more interested in eating more fresh, healthy foods, and this extends beyond the natural and organic trend.

Ethical Purchasing:
It was also predicted that shoppers would be doing more ethical purchasing in the future, which could involve buying more “Fair Trade,” “Certified Humane” and “better for the environment” foods.

Seems to me they were right on the money!