Supermarket Bakeries Making Dough!

According to an article in the Dublin Business Wire, U.S. Market Trends estimates that retail sales of the in-store bakery goods market reached $12.8 billion in 2012 and is continuing to grow despite consumers’ focus on healthier eating habits.

“The market has been challenged by the economy and health and diet concerns,” the article states. “Yet many consumers still choose to indulge and have an increasing desire for fresh rather than packaged foods.”

Though comprising a relatively small percentage of perishable dollar sales at most retail stores, in-house bakeries are a thriving and growing part of the U.S. food landscape.

“In-store bakeries help create and build an image of freshness and quality that carries over throughout the rest of the supermarkets they occupy, and help support the convenience of one-stop shopping that is so essential for mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs.”

The result of retail’s reliance on in-house bakeries, combined with higher price points, has allowed the in-house baked goods market to experience dollar sales increase every year since 2008. It is expected these gains will continue through 2017 and beyond.

A surprising combination of statistics given other predictions and trends… it will be interesting to see how this sector performs.