About Conway

Founded in 1983, Conway Management Company is an international management consulting firm that has consistently helped supermarket chains and organizations around the world dramatically improve business performance.

We have developed simple but powerful team-oriented, fact-based ways to help clients identify major improvement opportunities and to bring about significant and sustainable gains in revenue generation, product development, operations and the customer supplier chain.

The result is a better bottom line and stronger competitive position.

Clients calculate that the payback from our work ranges between 4:1 and 10:1 in the first year alone. Although some improvements are one-time, many others continue on, year after year.

Supermarket Challenges & Opportunities White Paper…

Already faced with challenges in the form of low margins, high wages and an uncertain economy, supermarket chain executives are now feeling increased pressure thanks to continuing trends toward consolidation and the presence of new well-financed, high-volume competitors in the industry,

In response, our briefing outlines an approach to managing that is rarely practiced in supermarkets, but that has worked extremely well for those that have used it.  This approach involves a way of thinking about supermarket operations that differs sharply from “business as usual,” and that will give you ideas for maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction in this challenging environment.

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