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Is There a Supermarket that Wants to Earn My Business & Loyalty? Volume 2 – I might have spent more if…

On Saturday afternoon, I needed a few items at the grocery store.  It was a hot humid day and the coolness of the store was refreshing!  First stop was the deli counter.  The line at the deli looked like people were waiting in line for Santa so I picked a number and went on to produce, visually keeping track of my number.  At this store, the produce department is right near the deli.    The produce was outstanding—beautifully displayed and bountiful—luscious strawberries, so many kinds of apples (Pink Ladies are a King family favorite!), salad supplies, fresh herbs, red, orange and yellow peppers, and cantaloupe.


I was done in produce and my deli number was still 5 away, so I walked away, figuring I would pick up the items at the local corner store later.  I then headed for the meat department, looking for teriyaki sirloin tips.  I needed eight, but saw only 4 in the display bowl, so I asked the butcher if he had more.  He did and went to get them.  While I was waiting, I checked out the specialty meat display case and watched several butchers working on cutting various pieces of meat.  One item in the display case grabbed my interest—turkey cheddar burgers.  Hmmm.  They were oversize and I could see little chunks of cheddar in the burgers.  I asked one of the butchers, if he’d ever tried them. Unfortunately, he hadn’t…and neither had three of the other butchers working behind the counter!  So, I passed.  Next time I go to the store, maybe I’ll ask again.  Depending on the answer, I might even buy a few to try them out!


$187.13 and 53 minutes after I entered the store (I did see a friend and chatted with her for a minute or two), I’m on my way. 

See you on my next adventure!