The Quality Secret: The Right Way To Manage©

The story that changed the world….The Quality Secret is the true story of a Fortune 500 CEO who started a new way of thinking that caused a metamorphosis in the Western business world. It’s the story of Bill Conway, and how his system The Right Way To Manage© has been used to transform organizations through the study, change, and improvement of work.

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Waste Chasers:
Pocket Companion To Quality & Productivity

Waste Chasers provide the tools and concepts that help you to grow profitably by identifying, quantifying, and eliminating waste, and they do it in a convenient, pocket-sized format. Written by the staff of Conway Management Company, Waste Chasers help you solve technical and human problems encountered on the path to excellence.

The theories and methodologies can be applied to all work processes — selling, marketing, R&D, finance, accounting, manufacturing — anywhere in your business where work is performed.

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Team Waste Chasers:
Guide To Building And Sustaining High Performing Teams

Chartering and deploying effective project teams is one of the most important and most difficult achievements for any organization.

High performing teams, by their nature, work on the right things — those that matter to the organization. Effectively performing teams help organizations to compete in a rapidly changing world.

Topics include understanding tasks and interpersonal skills, developing team mission and plan, clarifying roles and responsibilities, determining team charter, using prioritization tools to identify and select the right things to work on, determining the proper scope, working with sponsors, and more.

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The Conway Time-Finder Work Sampling Kit

Get an accurate indication of what work is really being done!

Successful organizations constantly analyze work and re-engineer work processes so that they can evaluate the work being performed and its value.  The Conway Time-Finder enables people to easily sample and learn about their work and how they spend their time. It’s a highly participative process that allows individuals to record their own work, letting them collect the data that will be used to make their work and everyone else’s more useful and rewarding.

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Conway Charting Solutions Software — Basic & +Plus

Take the hassle out of charting… each tool comes with a tutorial, filled with an explanation, examples, points to remember and questions to ask.

Each tool has an easy to use template that you can use to input your data and the software will prompt you with pertinent questions to help you complete your chart. Voila! Of course, then comes the real work. What actions should you take? What questions should you ask? What further data will be helpful? Conway Charting Solutions Tutorials will help you.

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Guide To Simple Charting Techniques

A simple and useful guide to collect data and define measures, setting you on a course toward improvement and bottom line gains.

Topics covered include variation and its common causes, how to communicate and control variation; data collection: what it is, why you need to do it, what the two types of data are, and how to collect data; check sheets: what they are, why you use them, guidelines on how you design them, and some examples; process flow charts and a “map” of a process; Pareto charts, run charts, histograms, and more.

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