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Insight Into Shelf-side Decision Making?

A recent article published by advancingretail.org shared some interesting information about understanding shopper behavior at the shelf.

“Understanding true shopper behavior in the store has become the latest battlefield in the fast moving consumer goods industry,” the article states.

Citing studies that show an estimated 76% of purchase decisions are made in the store, the article goes on to suggest that adding even a single product to a small percentage of shopping trips could equate to significant increases in sales revenue.

Wondering if there’s a way to accomplish this?

According to the article, Shopperception, a company with locations in Delaware and Buenos Aires, offers a platform that is able to “digitize shopper behavior in much the same way marketers are able to understand shoppers’ behavior online.”

Apparently their platform uses three-dimensional sensors combined with sophisticated algorithms to generate the data.

Assuming the decision-making that will be based on the consumer preferences translated by this data is combined with high levels of customer service, could this be a win-win opportunity for shoppers and supermarkets alike?

Trend Toward More Healthy Choices Continues in Supermarkets

Data continues to indicate that  in response to consumer demand supermarkets are serving the wellness customer better than ever,  offering more selection and variety, expanded private brands,  and, in some cases, dedicated departments.

A recent SupermarketNews article reported that this trend was visible not only in the produce bins, but also in the snack aisle.

In addition, older shoppers who are concerned about staying healthy as well as younger shoppers fighting for authenticity are supporting this trend via their buying habits.

This data is consistent with information shared by the Institute of Food Technologists, which indicates nearly nine in 10 adults feel that fresh foods are healthier, and 80% believe that they are tastier. The IFT also reported that 78% of consumers are making a strong effort to eat more fresh versus processed foods and shoppers are buying more fresh ingredients as well.