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Pandemic Fuels Online Food Shopping

Canadian food and drug retailer Metro Inc. has experienced a coronavirus-fueled spike in demand for online food shopping, which experienced tripled-digit growth this quarter.

The SupermarketNews article quoted Metro President and CEO Eric La Flèche, who said, “Our food business experienced high levels of sales, as the large portion of restaurant and foodservice sales transferred to the grocery channel.”

Certainly the “new normal” has had an impact on businesses of all types, forcing organizational leaders to find new ways of providing value and an enhanced customer experience, as noted in our previous post.

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On-line Grocery Seen as Gaining Traction in 2017 & Will Require New Process Imrpovement

A recent SupermarketNews article predicts that on-line grocery shopping will continue to gain traction again this year.

According to the article, consumers and food retailers are becoming more comfortable with the concept of shopping for groceries via the Internet.

“The rate of acceleration of change is increasing drastically,” said Bill Bishop, chief architect of Brick Meets Click. “We sense 2017 is going to be a year of major change.”

The article went on to site research indicatiing that the number of active users of online grocery — those who have ordered groceries online at least once in the last 30 days — nearly doubled from 11% of households in 2013 to 21% of households in 2015, and he expects that proportion to have doubled again since then.

Key factors driving the growth include:

  • Increasing availability
  • Diversity of features available as new players enter the market with a range of alternatives for consumers, such as click-and-collect delivery options and a variety of product assortments
  • Online grocery might also be getting more affordable

It was also noted that an increasing number of major supermarket chains are driving the trend toward on-line shopping, and that the entire industry will need to master new protocols and work processes to optimize efficiency.

On-line Food Shopping Trend Continues!

online2xIn just two years, the percentage of shoppers that have bought groceries online in the past 30 days has doubled, according to an article published by Progressive Grocer.

The piece references a new report from Brick Meets Click, which reveals how rapidly consumers are making online grocery part of their routine and how often they are using the service.

Bill Bishop, chief architect of Brick Meets Click (BMC) and primary author of the new study is quoted as saying, “Active users spend an average of 16 percent of their weekly grocery dollars online, and that grows to 64 percent on weeks they do a major online grocery trip.”

The study also indicated three distinct on-line “trip” types:

  1. Specific product shopping – approximately 60%
  2. Major grocery shopping – 15%
  3. Subscription-based shopping – 12%

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The Customer Service Story Continues at AmazonFresh

A number of our “Q4” posts have referenced the steady trend toward more customer-service-driven offerings on the part of major supermarket chains and retailers, most of which focus on convenience.

For AmazonFresh VP Tom Weiland, the online grocery service is about filling a need for consumers, reports a recent SupermarketNews article.

“We save time for our customers by combining grocery and other shopping into one seamless experience that easily fits into their routines and improves their busy lives. Our customers love the low prices we offer with AmazonFresh and the convenience of getting fresh food, everyday essentials and more delivered to their doorstep,” Weiland said in an emailed statement.

Continuing the trend of catering to emerging customer preferences, Amazon.com and Metia/Seattle have released an iPhone mobile app allowing area shoppers to place orders with the AmazonFresh online grocery shopping service.

The application enables customers to order groceries as well as other Amazon.com items, and schedule deliveries. Shoppers can use their iPhone’s camera to scan an item’s barcode and automatically add it to their current or future shopping list.

“We wanted to create a high-performance mobile experience where all AmazonFresh shoppers — whether they use an Android, Windows Phone, or iPhone — can readily access our service on the go,” said Aaron King of AmazonFresh, in a statement.

Will the trend continue…?

Another On-Line Food Shopping Story…

clickcollectIn a recent SupermarketNews article it was reported that Salt Lake City-based grocery chain Macey’s is now offering online shopping for pickup at five if its stores.

The company said it was partnering with Rosie, a mobile shopping application company based in Ithaca, N.Y. Rosie charges shoppers $1.99 for pickup orders and has a minimum order size of $30. The service is branded under the Macey@nywhere brand.

“Just text or call once once you’ve arrived and we’ll bring your order out to you. We want to make grocery shopping easier for our guests,” said Steve Bitter, CRM director for Associated Food Stores, which owns the Maceys chain. “We know that working professionals, busy moms and seniors will love their experience with Macey’s anywhere, with quality guaranteed.”

Looks like the trend toward catering to shopper preferences for convenience and a simpler shopping experience continues…