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Added Focus on Food Shoppers Aimed at Driving In-Store Traffic

Walmart’s  grocery aisles are getting an upgrade, according to a recent article in USA Today.

The company is hoping to entice customers and boost sales with more emphasis on organics, selection, wider aisles and new bakery goods.

“In the U.S., there’s been a really big step change in grocery retailing in terms of the standard of stores,” says Stewart Samuel, program director at IGD, an analytics firm that tracks grocery retailers.

The theory behind the change has been that by offering enhanced and more “exciting” products along with a greater shopping experience, supermarkets will draw more people into their stores; and the increased traffic will yield more revenue.

However the article also goes on to note that all supermarkets face multiple challenges to their overall business. First, a marked increase in on-line shopping, which means customers may be less likely to visit a store.

Plus, more big retail chains are making food a priority.

Looks like the battle for market share and wallet-share continues… and it’s nice to see that the customer experience has become a key driver!

No Lines at the Supermarket?

supermarketcheckout copyImagine an entire shopping trip without long lines or human interaction. The days of suffering through a mile-long-line on a shopping excursion might soon come to an end, according to a recent Mashable.com article.

The article shared information presented at the National Retail Foundation’s “Big Show” in New York by Diebold, which produces self-service finance products, will introduce what it’s dubbed a “contact-less self-checkout concept.”

The concept will allow grocery store customers to skip the check-out lines and instead scan items with their phones as soon as they stuff them into their cart.

At the end of the shopping trip, customers will stop by a self-checkout machine where they can either pay with cash on the machine or through a credit card through tapping the phone’s mobile wallet, which will have credit card information on file.

Wow! I wonder what will be next…?

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